these are my achievements

Even before I was elected to be a Member of Parliament for Ganze I have helped in the development of my home area. Here is what I have achieved


This is one of the most important topics for people from Jaribuni. Together with other MPs we brought the Mariakani-Bamba and the Kaloleni-Mavueni Tarmac roads. Many areas have now electricity and solar power. Boreholes and dams were constructed.


Education is the base of development. I built many schools and dormitories. Bursaries were given to many students.

I have invested a lot in education since it is the base of knowledge. One of the large investments is the Marere College. Check out the separate homepage:


People need a voice. I have initiated a CBO that will make that voice heard. 

Information and membership on the website: 


I have lived in Switzerland and I had a chance to travel to many foreign countries as a private person and as an MP of the Ganze constituency. I have connections to many politicians and private investors.


The poor health conditions need to be improved. I helped build many dispensaries and initiated Mbudzi Hospital. Medical camps where held by Swiss doctors.


Being the spokesperson of the Mijikenda the cultural heritage is important to me. I encourage the preservation of our culture for future generations.


Having a place to worship is important for people who believe. I have helped to build many churches and keep contributing material. 


The youth is the future of Jaribuni. I have realized several projects for the next generation such as  youth camps, support of Scouts, jobs with the NYS and sponsored solar technicians.