these are my plans after having been elected on august 9, 2022


My home is in Jaribuni and I can see the developments that are needed. Here are my most important plans for the Jaribuni ward.

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Bridge construction is necessary in many place for a better commute and less dangerous passages. I will be lobbying for the construction of these bridges for a better infrastructure. Many roads must be upgraded and completed. More solar installations are needed in remote areas.

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I have plans to construct an Academy for Primary and Secondary education through the Kauma CBO. A 40 acre plot has already been reserved.

Upgrading of all the existing ECD and making sure young children must not walk further than 1 km. Building a centre for ECD Teachers.


The common wanainchi will be assisted from education up to health facilities and the infrastructure will be improved.

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I will use my personal and political connections on a local and international level to bring further development to Jaribuni. The elected president Dr. William Samoei Ruto, the Governor of Kilifi Gideon Maitha Mung’aro as well as the elected Member of Parliament for Ganze, Kenneth Charo Kazungu (Tungule) are people I word with, no matter what party they belong to.


I intend to bring more medical camps and further improve the infrastructure of existing and new dispensaries in the area.


I will intensify the understanding of the Mijikenda culture and make sure that title deeds for the Sacred Forests are secured and the traditions will be recorded for future generations.

Social halls and a house of talent for people of all ages.


Places of worship are important and their infrastructure will be improved as a base of unity for the communities.

Forming a committee to oversee all constructions of places of worship.


The youth must be aware of their responsibilities for their own future. They will be engaged tremendously and integrated in the building of a stronger Jaribuni. Sports facilities will be enhanced and there are plans to build a national stadium in Jaribuni.

All my plans are written down in my manifesto that goes even beyond the period of 2022-2027. I have based my manifesto on the 6 most important pillars of development. For each pillar there is a section for Vision | Challenges | Commitment. Download the file by clicking on the picture of the manifesto.


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