Frequently Asked Questions

what would you like to know?

I am asked many questions about my plans for Jaribuni. Here you might find your answers.

My manifesto contains the detailed plans for Jaribuni in the future. It is built on 6 major pillars and structured in Vision | Challenges | Commitment. Download it if you have a serious interest in the development of Jaribuni.


01. Why do you want to be an MCA for Jaribuni?

You were an MP from 2013 – 2017. Why don’t you vie as an MP of Ganze again?


02. What are the most important plans when you are elected?

This website shows many plans that you have. what are the most important ones?


03. What are your thoughts about delicate issues in marginalized Jaribuni?

Jaribuni has many topics that are difficult to solve. How about scarcity of jobs, old people, diasabled, orphans?


04. What will Jaribuni look like after your period of election?

How do you envision Jaribuni after your first period as an MCA and will you want to continue in politics?


05. What happens to developments from your time as an MP of Ganze?

You started many developments while you were an MP such as NYS, roads, hospital. How do you intend to continue on these developments?


06. Does being the spokesperson of the Mijikenda influence you when being an MCA?

How important is the culture of the Mijikenda for you?



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I have layed the foundation for this election with my private contributions and by being an MP for Ganze

I have many plans when I am elected as an MCA for Jaribuni.